Silicon Bracelet with Eucalyptus Element

  • Safe! No Toxic! Natural!
  • Silicon ring is also a popular message ring, put the scent of hinokithiol and eucalyptus mosquito repellent that is effective.

About Mosquito away

1.  How far does the Mosquito Away affect mosquito?

In good conditions it is effective to about 1 meter. However it’s effectiveness depends on circumstances, such as how strong the wind around you is, where you are, what you are wearing etc. 

However we can say that since our warehouse staff used the silicon bands on both wrists they reduced mosquito bites by 90%.  We have a lot of trouble with mosquitoes in our warehouse every summer. 

In past years individual workers got an average of 20 bites a day, but since wearing the bands they only got 2 bites a day.   We hope this information helps you.

2.How long does the Mosquito Away work?

If you use the band for 8 hours a day and store it in the sealed bag, the Mosquito Away will last between 1-2 months. 

The silicon bands emit a scent, so they need to be stored in the sealed bag after each use.

If the bands are not stored correctly, the bands will lose their effect in around 1 week. 

You can keep them for over 1 year in the unopened bag.

3.Does water have any adverse affect to the mosquito away?

Water has no impact to the effectiveness of the Mosquito Away.

4.What kind of package is best for keeping the Mosquito Away in good condition?

Foil or sealed OPP bags.  Foil bags are best.  Foil bags cost more than OPP so for the Japanese market we use OPP on one side of the bag and foil on the other.

Aroma essence Micro Capsules

The micro capsules are made in Japan from silica and 100% natural aroma essence .   

Our microcapsules are high quality because of their resistance to water, temperature, and physical pressure and more aroma essence is contained within. 

The microcapsules are porous and the aroma essence evaporates from the microcapsules in the silicon band gradually. 

Thus the silicon bands should be kept in a sealed bag to keep the aroma essence.

Another variations


The diameters can be adjustable between about 5.5cm - 8cm.

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