Coating method of BY-50/BY-50A

A generarl indication of the amount

5cc per 1 ㎡ 
Divide BY-50/BY-50A at least 3 portions and spray at least three times.

Reference specification for spray gun :  Nozzle hole diameter : 0.5mm
Mist size: about 5 micron 
for compressor  : Pressure  about 4kgs , Air flow 30ℓ/min.

The most efficient conditions are

  1. The mist sizes are small and uniform.

  2. When you spray from 1m away from an object, the mists can reach the object and there should be no dripping of BY-50/BY-50A in the air or on the object

  3. The mists dry in about 10 minutes

Preparation for spray coating

  1. Remove mold, dirt, oil, soap scrum, salty dirt from objects with detergents.

  2. Make the surface of objects dry

  3. Cover particular things such as computers and expensive paintings with plastic sheets or a curing sheet.
    Curing is not necessary for general things.

Notice for spray coating

  1. Wear a facemask and safety glasses when using spray guns and compressors

  2. Do not spray so much that the surface of objects get wet.  Getting moist is enough.

  3. In the case of spraying clothes or textile wallpapers, test in a small portion and check that there is no loss of color.

  4. Use on acrylic resin and polycarbonate is not recommended due to less adhesion

  5. Clean spray gun and compressor well with water after using in order to avoid clogging


Coating method MOVIE

spray coting toilet and bathroom by by-50a